About us

Shortly speaking: we are teaching people how to sail

Seil Senja is a leading sailing school situated in Northern Norway. We are also arranging an annual group trip around Senja Island in 7 days. We are located in Tromsø, Bodø, Harstad, Narvik and Finnsnes.

What we focus on

The number one goal for Seil Senja is to promote cruising as an eco-friendly, active and engaging hobby and outdoor activity. Our company has grown out of our own enthusiasm and love for sailing and outdoor life as a lifestyle, and our desire to share this with others.

Why choose Seil Senja?

Our sailing courses are well worked through, and pedagogically structured. When you participate in one of our courses, you will have access to several online courses in our digital learning portal. You will also have access to these online courses a year after your participation in one of our sailing courses. Participating in one of our courses provides you with a great learning potential.

Our instructors have extensive experience in sailing and are passionate about sharing their knowledge. They also believe that having a relaxed atmosphere on board ensures the best possible learning for everyone. Joining one of our sailing courses will be both educational and fun.

On our sailing courses there will never be more than 4 participants. It will give the sailing instructor a good opportunity to follow up on each individual, and the teaching is adapted to different needs. You will as a participant always have an active role during the sailing course.

For us, sailing is all about good nature experiences, and we can see the same motivation in our participants. Seil Senja’s sailing course is arranged in the most beautiful nature of Norway: The coast of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

FAQ’s from our participants

No, but we recommend having normal physical health. On a sailboat, especially if it is a little windy, it can be a little hectic on board managing ropes and sails. On the group trip around the Senja Island in 7 days, we will take a hiking tour to the mountain Segla together. This mountain hike is a 4 hours round trip. So, this trip is suitable for everyone in normal good shape.

There is a wide range of age among our participants. We find this very enriching, both for social reasons and for the learning process in our sailing courses. As an example, the youngest participant in 2021 was 15 years old, and the oldest in their 70s. The average age is between 35 – 55 years. One thing is for sure: There will never be too late to learn to sail!

No, this is not the case at all. We love the fact that our participants include both singles and couples, and the numbers evens out. By attending our courses you will get an unique opportunity to meet up with other people with a shared interest in sailing and outdoor life. We would like to call our courses “ The perfect way of getting good memories!”

Sailing is suitable for most people of all ages who live active lives and are interested in the outdoors. People who begin to sail on their own, basically tend to have a positive relationship to the sea from the start. However, our experience is that people who initially have a more tense relationship to the sea, feel much safer after a sailing course. Because, like many other things in life, it is all about getting positive experiences and from that a great sensation of fulfillment will arise. There will be a lot of those experiences for sure!

We can’t promise you a cabin on your own, because of the space limitations on our boat. Compact living is one of our conceptual thoughts of an eco-friendly outdoor activity, as well. As a participant in one of our group trips and sailing courses with accommodation, we therefore expect that you will embrace compact living and even share a cabin with someone you don’t know. Cabins and sleeping places will be distributed based on wishes and availability of space.

It would be impossible for us to plan our sailing courses and trips in that way, so unfortunately the answer is no. Therefore, we recommend everyone who participates in our sailing courses and trips to make sure they have their own travel insurance. If you due to illness less than 30 days upon attendance are not able to participate, your insurance company will provide you with insurance coverage. We will provide you with the confirmation of your order and payment. For more information about cancellations, check out our general terms and conditions.

Quotes from our participants

I must say our day with Øystein was truly epic! We sailed through the Bergsøyan Park and saw this part of Norway from a truly unique perspective. Øystein‘s boat is in excellent condition with all the safety gear. We look forward to our next trip with Øystein!
Jonathan C.

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