International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is a certificate which gives you the right to operate a recreational craft in foreign countries. This will, among other things, give you an opportunity to rent a sailboat abroad. You can get the practical test for ICC from us!

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Take the test – get the certificate

Do you have an extended experience with sailing, navigation, boat handling and with technical and practical boat maintenance? Do you also have a Norwegian Boating License? Then you can get the practical test (also called check-out) for the ICC from us.

Do you need more experience? See our Day Skipper Sailing Course included ICC.

What is the ICC?

The ICC, International Certificate of Competence, is an international standard for recreational boating certificates. In Norway, the certificate applies to recreational boats up to 15 meters (50 feet) in coastal waters. Other countries may have different regulations and practices.

Read more on the Norwegian Maritime Directorate’s website.

Why do I need the ICC?

If you want to rent a sailboat abroad, such as in Croatia, you are required to have an ICC. This certificate shows that you have both the necessary theoretical and practical competence for safe sailing, navigation and boat handling.

The Norwegian Boating License does not require practical competence and is therefore not approved as a boating license abroad.

How do I get the ICC?

  • You must have passed the Boating License Exam
  • You must have passed a practical test for the ICC with an approved examiner, e.g. Seil Senja AS
  • You must be in good health, and have to fill out a health declaration for this.

Do you want an ICC, but need more experience with sailing, navigation and/or boat handling? Sign up for one of our sailing courses today!

Do you not have a Norwegian Boating License? Sign up for the course at our partner Norwegian Maritime Evening School (NMKS).

Completion of the test for the ICC

The practical test for the ICC is arranged in collaboration with the Norwegian Maritime Evening School (NMKS), where NMKS is the responsible provider of the test at the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Seil Senja AS is an approved examiner at NMKS and will be responsible for conducting the practical test.

The test for the ICC consists of various exercises in sailing, navigation, boat handling and questions regarding routine inspection and maintenance of sails, boats, engines and equipment. The test takes about 3 hours per candidate.

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