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Sailing trip from Harstad to Hamn in Senja passing Holmenvær

Sailing trip from Harstad to Hamn i Senja - the historic fishing village on Senja

Tips en venn

The port of Senja is today a popular destination for accommodation and activities. At this holiday, conference and activity center you can enjoy a cold beer on the pier, followed by a visit to the sauna or a trip in the jacuzzi.

When you are in Hamn, we also recommend a short mountain hike to Sukkertoppen. Here you will get a panoramic view of the archipelago Bergsøyan and the open sea. The mountain trip is a 2 hour round trip.

On the sailing trip to Hamn in Senja, we will pass through the archipelago of Holmenvær. In the old days, more than 1,000 people lived on these small islets out in the open sea, and this fishing village was one of the largest in Norway. Today, Holmenvær is a landscape protection area, and we can see the archipelago on our journey out Andfjorden towards Hamn in Senja.

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