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Sailing trip from Tromsø around Kvaløya

Join us for a spectacular sailing trip from Tromsø around Kvaløya passing Gåsvær, Røssholmen og Sommarøy

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The place west of Tromsø, right out to sea, is called “Yttersia”, which means “the outer side” in English.

On Yttersia we will find a beautiful archipelago, spectacular to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the wildlife. Among the attractions are beautiful beaches, hundreds of islets and reefs, and steep mountains that plunge into the sea.

An expedition

Everyone who loves Northern Norway should experience the nature of Yttersia – at least once! And we dare say that sailing is the best way of doing it.

By sailboat we come ashore in the most beautiful and inaccessible places that can only be reached by boat.When the weather permits, we spend the night between islets and reefs out in the open sea. Waking up in the middle of this magnificent nature is a very special experience.

On this sailing trip we visit small archipelagos that back in the old days were fishing villages. When we row ashore, we get a little insight into life that once was here.

On the outer side of Kvaløya we will also pass the famous Håja. With its characteristic shape, the island rises almost 500 meters up from the sea. Håja is an important landmark, and is known for being the inspiration for the architecture of the Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø.

Bustling animal and bird life

Yttersia is also home to rare bird species such as puffins, auks and guillemots. Cruising gives us a quite unique opportunity to observe these rare birds up close. There is also a high probability that we will encounter seal species such as otters and harbor seals on our journey on the outer side of Kvaløya..

En seiltur rundt Kvaløya krever gode værforhold. Dersom været er for dårlig til å kunne gjennomføre seilturen på en forsvarlig måte, vil den bli avlyst. Du vil da få refundert betalingen for seilturen. Vi kan i enkelte tilfeller, som et valgfritt alternativ, kunne tilby en annen seiltur.

Seil Senja dekker ikke utgifter til flybilletter/reiser, hotellopphold og lignende i forbindelse med en avlyst seiltur.

Av hensyn til været kan programmet avvike noe fra beskrivelsen.

Les mer om våre vilkår og betingelser.

Day 1 – Welcome aboard!

Tromsø harbor – Gåsvær

We will meet in Tromsø guest harbor at 10.00 am. Our boat is located at the floating pier outside of Clarion Collection Hotel With. Look for the sailboat with the Seil Senja flag.

At first, we will spend some time getting to know the sailboat, and we will also talk about safety on board. After this we are ready to set sail.

Once we have reached the sea, we will do a “Man Overboard” Exercise. Just relax, no one has to take a swim here! Then we are ready for today’s sailing trip north in Grytsundet, and eventually west out to Kvalsundet, between Kvaløya and Ringvassøya.

We arrive in Gåsvær and anchor up for the evening and night.

Day 2 – Expedition Yttersia!

Gåsvær – Røssholmen

After breakfast and a quiet morning at Gåsvær, we hoist the sails and start on today’s stage. Today we head southwest in the direction of Røssholmen.

We will eventually sail into the Håja and Røssholmen landscape protection area. People have lived on the islands in this area since the late Middle Ages, and Røssholmen was for a period of time an important fishing village.

We anchor for the evening and night at Røssholmen. Røssholmen is not part of the protected area, so after our dinner we can row ashore and explore the place. Here we will find traces of previous settlement.

Day 3 – The final stage!

Røssholmen – Tromsø

After breakfast we get ready for the last leg of the sailing trip, which is also the longest leg of the trip.

We will continue the sailing trip in a southwesterly direction and we will pass Håja and Sommarøy. At Brensholmen we will sail into the sound between Kvaløya and Senja, and eventually north back to Tromsø.

We will arrive at Tromsø harbor late in the evening.

* Due to weather conditions, the program may deviate slightly from the description.


  • Accommodation in the sailboat during the entire sailing trip
  • Meals on board
  • Drinks (non-alcoholic), fruit and snacks
  • Personal injury insurance for incidents in the sailboat when at sea
  • Inflatable life jacket
  • Equipment for cruising such as fishing rod, inflatable boat, hammocks, exciting books about the sea, nature and sailing
  • Gas for cooking, diesel etc.
  • Guidance and advice on cruising and practical boat handling, advice for buying a sailboat etc.

Not included

  • Clothes and personal equipment (see our packing list)
  • Alcoholic beverages (can be brought by the individual)
  • Transport to and from Tromsø harbor
  • Personal injury insurance on land (we recommend all participants to make sure they have this insurance on their own)


Det er jeg som er skipper på denne seilturen.

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Øystein A. Østgård

Skipper og seilinstruktør
E-post og telefon: / +47 461 22 878

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