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  • From beginner to experienced skipper

    We are arranging sailing courses at all levels, from competent crew member courses, to courses which is suitable for they who want to become a confident skipper on their own sailboat

    Sailing Course for Beginners

    2 days (16 hours)

    Having little or no experience with sailing; In this sailing course you will learn the basics of sailing, navigation and boat handling

    Day Skipper Sailing Course (ICC)

    2 days + 1 evening (22 hours)

    Do you want to learn more about sailing and become a more confident skipper? This sailing course includes the practical test for the International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

    Skipper & Ocean Sailing Course

    7 days accommodation included

    The main goal of this course is to make you a more confident skipper. During a full 7 days sailing course, we will sail in Northern Norway’s most beautiful coastal and ocean areas

    Are you interested in the sea and outdoor life?

    Sailing is a very exciting activity for everyone with an interest in the sea and outdoor life. It is also an activity which will give you a certain amount of challenge and variety along the way. In other words sailing will always be an engaging activity

    A new world of possibilities

    If you have a desire to explore, starting with cruising will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

    Imagine being able to travel around and discover new places with only the wind as the driving force, and to be able to anchor up and spend the night in the most scenic surroundings with only the birds watching. We dare say that there is very little that can match this feeling of freedom.

    Ankerplass ved Tranøya på Senja

    A safe and pleasant sailing trip ensured by knowledge and experience

    Sailing differs in some way from other outdoor activities; It is a little more technically challenging and may require some extra effort.

    Mistakes made on board a sailboat can quickly lead to damage to both the boat and crew. For a sailing trip to be a nice and pleasant experience, it is also important that everyone on board feels safe.

    Managing safe sailing under different conditions through knowledge and experience, will give you a great sensation of fulfillment.

    In all our sailing courses, we have a lot of focus on safety, both for you as a course participant and to make you an independent and confident sailor who can make your own, good assessments.

    Formal certification

    In addition to our sailing courses, we also offer an exam for a boat driver license, approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. This we do in collaboration with Norsk Maritim Kveldsskole (NMKS).

    Quotes from our participants

    Utrolig bra kurs med Seil Senja! Øystein er en veldig erfaren seiler, og utrolig flink til å tilpasse kurset slik at hver enkelt deltaker får best mulig utbytte av kurset! Kan på det sterkeste anbefale Seil Senja!

    Kursdeltager Tony
    Tony Ø.

    (...) Kurset har alt en trenger for å bli kjent med seiling og innbyder virkelig til fortsettelse. Takk for et meget inspirerende kurs!

    Kursdeltager Thomas
    Thomas S.

    Innholdsrikt og veldig bra kurs for nybegynnere! Øystein er en trygg og god læremester

    Kursdeltager Kristin
    Kristin S.

    FAQ’s from our participants

    No, but we recommend having a normal physical health. On a sailboat, especially if it is a little windy, it can be a little hectic on board managing ropes and sails. On the group trip around the Senja Island in 7 days, we will take a hiking tour to the mountain Segla together. This mountain hike is a 4 hours round trip. So, this trip is suitable for everyone in a normal good shape.

    There is a large age range among participants at our events. We find this very enriching, both for the social on board, and for the learning on our sailing courses. As an example, our youngest participant in 2021 was 15 years old, and our oldest in the 70s. The average age is between 35 – 55 years. One thing you should at least be sure of: it is never too late to learn to sail!

    No. It is actually quite evenly distributed between singles and couples who participate in all our sailing courses and trips. And we are happy about that. Our events provide a unique opportunity for new acquaintances with a shared interest in sailing and outdoor life. We allow ourselves to call them “The perfect recipe for really good memories!”

    Sailing is suitable for most people of all ages who are a little active and interested in the outdoors. Most people who are “bitten by the bacillus” and start sailing on their own, basically have a positive relationship with the boat and the sea. However, our experience is also that those who initially have a somewhat strained relationship to be at sea often become much safer after a sailing course. As with a lot of other things, it’s about having positive experiences and a feeling of mastery, and we’ll get a lot of that!

    No, unfortunately we can not promise you exactly that. On our joint trips and sailing courses with accommodation, you as a participant must be willing to live a little cramped, and maybe even share a cabin with a person you do not know very well. The distribution of cabins and sleeping places is made on the basis of the participants’ wishes and on the basis of who will most naturally share a cabin.

    No, unfortunately, then it would have been completely impossible for us to plan our sailing courses and trips. We recommend everyone who participates in our events to take out travel insurance. Should you, for example, be really unlucky enough to become ill when it is less than 30 days until the event starts, this will be a matter between you and the insurance company. From us you will of course receive a confirmation of your order and payment. See also our general terms and conditions for more information about cancellation.