Sail & Rig Tuning

Sail safer, more comfortable and faster with more knowledge about sail and rig tuning

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A deep dive into the topic of sailing and rig trim

In this sailing course, we really dive into the topic of sailing and rig trim. You will learn how to utilize and adapt the sail’s shape and properties. This will make you sail more efficiently and faster, but also safer and more comfortable.

Different shapes – a number of different properties

Trimming a sail means changing the angle and shape of the sail to achieve a particularly desired property, and to achieve a balance between the forces in the boat above and below the water surface.

The sails are like an engine on a sailboat, and trimming the sails is in a way like changing gears. When we sail, we sometimes want a lot of power from the sails, for example when we have to take advantage of a light wind, or when we need the power to push ourselves through strong waves. On the other hand, when there is a lot of wind, we want to reduce the force from the wind in the sails, because we want less heeling forces and more stability in the boat.

We can trim the sails to either tack against the wind, or to make it easy to steer the boat appropriately in relation to the wind angle.

Just by changing the shape of the sails we are able to sail in a wide range of wind strengths, and achieve a number of different properties.
Being able to trim the sails will add both an increased joy of sailing, as well as increased safety and comfort for those on board. Having this knowledge for cruising purposes is as important as for having ambitions in a sailing regatta.

Become an expert

To get good at sailing, in any situation, will take some time. In this sailing course, you will have the basis for being able to develop further, and eventually become an expert in trimming the sails.

From the preparatory e-learning courses, and a whole night at sea with practical exercises, you will learn a lot about sailing and rig trimming. You will also learn about different rig types, and their possibilities and limitations in terms of flexibility for trimming. In addition, you will learn about sail handling, about different types of materials and what different properties they have in terms of trimming and durability.

The practical exercises in the sailing course will start at 16.30 pm, and end at about 22 pm.

Welcome to an educational evening at sea!

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This sailing course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more and become better at the technical aspects of sailing, whether you have been participating in a beginner’s course or have some experience from sailing your own boat. The sailing course is most of all suitable for cruising purposes, but will also be of value to those who have ambitions in a sailing regatta.

If you think you need an evaluation on your qualifications for this sailing course, feel free to contact us for counseling!

The purpose of this sailing course is to provide knowledge and skills in sailing and rig trimming, with a focus on safe, comfortable and efficient sailing.

  • Aerodynamics
  • Lift and drag
  • True wind and apparent wind
  • Angle of attack
  • Tell tails
  • VMG
  • Bus and position (pointed and round front sections)
  • Depth
  • Sagg
  • Twist
  • Balance
  • Sail handling
  • Different rig types and properties
  • Inspection and maintenance


  • Preparatory e-learning course on aerodynamics, sailing theory, sailing and rig trim
  • 6.5 hours of practical teaching and exercises at sea
  • Course certificate after completed sailing course
  • Safety equipment
  • Personal injury insurance for incidents in the sailboat when at sea

Not included

  • Clothes and personal equipment (see our packing list)
  • 6.5-hour evening course in sailing and rig trimming
  • Attendance at 16.30 pm
  • Meeting place and course date: See the course calendar
  • Number of participants: 4
  • Price per participant: 1.890 NOK
  • Language of instruction: Norwegian
  • Age limit: 18 years

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